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Exterior Grade
Raw Birch
Plywood with a
Smooth Surface

Maxi Birch


Maxi Birch

Maxi Birch is a premium raw Russian birch plywood with a warm, light-coloured appearance and smooth surface.

The attractive natural wood structure combined with durability, strength and high resistance to wear make it an ideal choice for joinery, furniture, signage, shop fittings, speaker boxes and exhibition stands. The high-quality premium grade face can be completed with a clear finish or stained to suit your design requirements.

Refer to our ‘Maxi Panel’ range for a pre-finished product for walls and ceilings.


Specification Details

Application Wall / Ceiling / Joinery / Furniture
Installation Concealed Plug System, Direct Fix or Z- Clip mounting system. Refer to installation guides on the builders page.
Formaldehyde E1 class
Suitability Horizontal / vertical
Thickness 4,6,9,12,15,18,24,30,40mm
Fire Rating Standard Group 3. Group 1 & 2 solutions available.
Sheet sizes available 2440X1220mm / 1220X3050mm {cross grain}
FSC® Certified - FSC-C139021
Lead Time Please contact us for current lead times.

Keep in mind- Maxi Birch is a natural product, so each panel is unique. No two pieces are identical which adds character and warmth to your finished project. For optimal results and long life, all exposed edges and faces must be sealed with a suitable paint or stain product such as OSMO oil. Maxi Birch has been designed for use on interior finishes only and is not suitable for exterior use unless located out of direct weather. In addition, Maxiply does not recommend any plywood to be used for doors as external factors and handling can affect the structure. For more information see our blog article on plywood doors.

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