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Six Standard
Pre- Finished
Veneers on
Birch or MDF

Maxi Veneer


Maxi Veneer panels are available in six beautiful timber species including American Oak, American Walnut, Blackbutt and Spotted Gum. Our panels are manufactured on a state-of-the-art pressing line which allows us to deliver natural timber panels of the highest quality onto the substrate of your choice. All Maxi Veneer panels are prefinished with our hard-wax oil system and delivered to you ready to install.

Application Walls/ Ceiling Linings
Installation Z- Clip, Concealed Plug and Direct Fix systems. Refer to installation guides on the builders page.
Formaldehyde E1 class
Suitability Vertical/ Horizontal
Colours Intelligrain Clear Coat or otherwise specified on sample
Thickness 12, 18, 24mm
Fire Rating Fire Group Ratings Available
Sheet sizes available 2400X1200mm, 3000X1200mm
Lead Times 2- 3 weeks. Large quantities will be worked out on a case by case basis
Warranty 7 years. Project warranties apply. Please contact us for a project warranty certificate
Made in Melbourne

Keep in Mind- Our Maxi Veneer panels are a natural product, which means slight imperfections may occur. If you have specific design requirements, custom veneers can be made to order.

Spotted Gum
Blackbutt NFG
Blackbutt 1/4 cut
American Walnut
American Oak
Plantation Oak

FAQ Maxi Veneer

What Can I Use Maxi Veneer Prefinished Sheets for?

Maxi Veneer prefinished veneer sheets are versatile and can be used for a variety of applications, including for walls and ceiling linings. Our panels can also be used for joinery and furniture.

What Are the Benefits of Maxi Veneer Prefinished Sheets?

The benefits of Maxi Veneer prefinished veneer sheets include their construction entirely from high-quality natural materials, so they can be delivered on the substrate of your choice. Our architects can also create custom and bespoke veneers.

What Are the Benefits of Using Spotted Gum Species of Wood for Maxi Veneers?

Spotted gum veneer boards boast many benefits and are one of the most popular Maxiply Veneer options because this wood is a premium native Australian species with a superior degree of strength and durability. Spotted gum veneer boards also have a striking, spotted appearance.

What Are the Benefits of Using the American Walnut Species Maxi Veneer?

It’s no wonder that American walnut panels are highly sought after. Amongst the benefits of American walnut panels, this wood is tough and hard, making it extremely durable even under conditions when decay is likely. It’s also great for painting.

Are There Benefits to Using American Oak Maxi Veneer?

Opting for American oak panels is a great decision if you are looking for a wood that has a wider colour variety. American oak can range from yellow to reddish-brown, and some panels even have a pink tint. Another benefit of American oak is its superior durability.

What Can Be Gained From Using the Blackbutt Species for Maxi Veneers?

One benefit of using Blackbutt panels is that this wood is typically fire and bug-resistant. Therefore, this species of wood is known for being extremely long-lasting when looked after correctly.

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