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Commodity Products


Maxi Hoop Pine Plywood

Maxi Hoop Pine Plywood is commonly used for general construction purposes, joinery, shelving, cupboards, furniture and flooring. It is also used to manufacture items outside the building space such as musical instruments, brushware and drafting instruments.

Made up of 1.5mm thick veneers Maxi Hoop Pine Plywood is bonded with exterior-grade A-bond adhesive, making it dimensionally stable and easy to work with. Exterior Hoop Pine A/C grade is suitable for semi-exposed applications and is manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 2271.

A clean-faced plywood that is a popular choice in high-end architectural designs, shop fitting, cabinet making applications and wall and ceiling linings. Hoop pine (Araucaria cunninghamii) is a native Australian species found in New South Wales and Queensland. The timber is generally light-coloured with a straight grain and fine to very fine texture.


Radiata Pine Plywood

Our extensive range of Radiata Pine Plywood includes structural (AS/NZS 2269), non-structural (C/D grades) and appearance grades (A/A and B/C). Radiata Pine Plywood is structurally sound and suitable for all building requirements. When it comes to stress grading, our Radiata Plywood is rated F8 or F11 – however, F14 can also be sourced on request.

Panels are available in a two standard sheet sizes of 2400mm x 1200mm and 2700mm x 1200mm, and in a range of thickness (7mm up to 25mmm) to suit your design needs. Should you require a different size, Radiata Pine Plywood can be made-to-order to your specific requirements. Panels can be manufactured up to 50mm thick and in the grade of your choice (A, B, C or D) with any combination on the front and back faces.

Bendy Ply

Bendy Ply is especially suited to design applications where a curved form is required. The lightweight and bendable nature of the ply provides designers with the flexibility to create stylish modern fixtures and furniture without the need for prefabrication. It is commonly used in bars, restaurants, theatres and office spaces.

Bendy Ply is manufactured from quality poplar timber and is typically covered with a final product such as a laminate or veneer. Bendy Ply poplar is available in 5mm or 9mm thick 2500 x 1220mm panels.

Maxi Wire

Maxi Wire is a premium, budget-priced plywood suitable for a wide range of applications where an anti-slip surface is required. Manufactured with a poplar and eucalyptus core, Maxi Wire is covered with a 240gsm anti-slip wire pattern film on one side and a 120gsm smooth film on the other. It is suitable for truck and van flooring, shelving and fit-outs, as well as scaffolding, stages and choir rises.

Available in 12mm and 18mm thickness, Maxi Wire offers excellent value for designers looking for a premium anti-slip plywood product.


Scarf Joined Plywood Panels

Our Scarf Joined Plywood Panels are manufactured using several different plywood species which makes them suitable for a wide range of design applications. Scarf-joining is a process where a large ‘scarf’ is machined on to the edge of a sheet of plywood at a ratio of 8:1 – which means the scarf is eight times longer than the thickness of the plywood sheet. They are glued together using heat and pressure and can be joined either end-on-end or side-on-side to create a large structurally sound panel, wth a thickness of between 6–18mm. The panels are always made-to-order, so please allow a lead time of approximately 10 working days.

The one-piece jumbo Scarf Joined Plywood Panels are ideal for use in caravan, bus, train and RV flooring. They are fast and easy to install, eliminate movement between panels and reduce the overall weight, which allows for innovative designs. They can also be used for garage tilt doors using Kokoda Hardwood for surfaces that require painting or Maxi Birch for a superior stained finished.


Jumbo Plywood

In Australia, Jumbo Plywood or oversized plywood typically refers to any plywood sheet size that is larger than 2440mm x 1220mm. Our Jumbo Plywood is made of BB/CC Exterior Hardwood manufactured from okoume timber harvested from sustained yield forest estates and is available in 3050mm x 1220mm panels.

Working with Jumbo Plywood allows for longer spans and fewer joins, creating a seamless finish. This gives designers a bigger scope to create striking wall and ceiling designs. The larger panels mean scarfing is not required to achieve design specifications for 3m sheets and this can also reduce labour as less sheets need to be installed.


Structural Radiata Plywood

Our AS/NZS 2269 Structural Radiata Plywood is rated F8 or F11 stress grading and is well-suited to all general building requirements. In addition, F14 stress grading can be sourced on request.

Our standard sheet sizes of 2400mm x 1200mm and 2700mm x 1200mm are readily available, with thickness ranging from 7mm to 25mm. We can also provide made-to-order sheets of Structural Radiata Plywood up to 50mm thick in your grade of choice (A, B, C or D), with any combination available for the front and back faces.


Marine Plywood

Marine Plywood is a premium product made from specially selected timber based on density, bending strength, impact resistance and surface characteristics. As the leading supplier of marine plywood in Melbourne, we take pride in the high-quality of our product. Our certified marine-grade hardwood plywood is suitable for use in racing or leisure boats of up to 20m. It is used extensively in commercial and naval vessels as well as commercial fit-outs and joinery works.

Made from untreated tropical hardwood veneers, it is manufactured with the highest face quality on two sides. Veneers are carefully selected to be free from defects and peeler checks and for their high mechanical strength and suitability for permanent bonding. The quality-controlled glue line is permanent and maintains its strength and durability, even under the most exposed conditions during the lifetime of the boat. This is achieved through phenol formaldehyde resin bonds applied under controlled heat and pressure in a hot press, which has been proved over 50 years of laboratory testing to perform under extreme conditions without deterioration.


Exterior Hardwood Plywood

Manufactured from untreated tropical hardwood veneers typically from Malaysia, Maxiply’s Exterior Hardwood Plywood is suitable for all external applications. Our Exterior Hardwood Plywood uses a type-A bond WBP quality glue line between the plies and has a suitable prescribed level of resistance to fungal attack to ensure durability when exposed to the elements.

Available in BB/CC grade for external applications, the BB face also provides an ideal substrate to paint in your colour of choice. Because this is a natural timber product, the face veneer colour can vary from sheet to sheet, ranging from a light white through to a dark red or brown.


Falcata Plywood

Falcata Plywood is a lightweight interior-grade ply which is ideal for use in situations where minimising weight is critical. Falcata Plywood is generally up to 35% lighter that standard hardwood plywoods and it is widely used in automotive industries. It is highly suited to all use in caravan and RV internal fit-outs and it offers significant weight-saving advantages when compared to traditional plywood panels.

Available in BB/CC grade with an interior MR glue bond, Falcata Ply has a light appearance with a clear face and subtle grain. Featuring Malaysian hardwood veneer on both the front and back, it is very stable by nature which makes it easy to handle and machine and allows the panels to sit flat. Falcata ply is ideal for non-structural internal applications, however, it is not suitable for external use.