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Maxi Panel


Maxi Panel

The popular Maxi Panel range offers designers plenty of flexibility. There is an extensive range of colours available and the panels are manufactured from your choice of premium exterior-grade Baltic Birch or Monterey Pine.

The hard-wax oil coating provides a durable finish that can be easily repaired if damage should occur. Maxi Panel has been designed primarily for interior applications but can be used externally when positioned out of direct sunlight and weather conditions.

Application Wall / Ceiling / Joinery
Installation Direct Fix, Z- Clip or Concealed Plug system. Refer to installation guides on the builders page.
Formaldehyde E1 class
Suitability Horizontal / vertical
Colours Pebble Grey, White Terrace, Fawn Grey, Macore Brown, Sun Flower, Pastel Pink, Blue Pacific, Aqua Green, Pine Green, Warm Chestnut, Pelaco Grey, Stone Grey, Natural, Black Knight, Purple Velvet, Basil Green, Green Harmony, Red Dust
Thickness 12, 18, 24mm
Fire Rating Standard Group 3. Further Group Ratings are available.
Sheet sizes available 2440 x 1220mm, 1220 x 3050mm (cross-grain - Baltic Birch only)
FSC® Certified - FSC-C139021
Lead Times 2-3 weeks. Large quantities will be worked out on a case by case basis
Warranty 7 years. Project warranties apply. Please contact us for a project warranty certificate
Made in Melbourne

Keep in mind- Maxi Panel is manufactured using your choice of Baltic Birch or Monterey Pine. Baltic Birch is a premium product, that produces a stronger, exterior grade plywood. For maximum durability and a longer life, all edges should be sealed with a clear hard-wax oil. Tins of hard-wax oil and coloured touch up oil are available for purchase. Maxi Panel is primarily for internal use. Maxiply does not recommend any plywood to be used for doors as external factors such as handling can affect the structure. Our warranty does not guarantee any of our plywood products once they have been cut. For more information see our blog article on plywood doors.

Black Knight
Pebble Grey
Pelaco Grey
Stone Grey
Warm Chestnut
Macore Brown
Fawn Grey
Green Harmony
Pine Green
Basil Green
Aqua Green
Blue Pacific
Sun Flower
Pastel Pink
Purple Velvet
Red Dust
White Terrace

FAQ Maxi Panel

What Can I Use a Maxi Panel For?

Maxi Panel is a durable type of plywood ideally suited for indoor use, such as for timber wall panels and timber ceiling panels. Maxi Panel can also be used to create furniture and shelving or as a joinery panel, due to its exceptional strength.

When Should I Use Baltic Birch Plywood for My Maxi Panel?

Baltic Birch plywood is a premium material that’s great for use in creating timber wall panels and timber ceiling panels of exceptional durability and producing strong, exterior-grade plywood. Using stronger materials for a project ensures that it lasts longer, with less need for replacement. Baltic Birch plywood panels also have superior screw-holding capabilities, keeping each panel firmly in place.

When Should I Use Monterey Pine Plywood Maxi Panel Products?

You should use Monterey Pine plywood Maxi Panel products for indoor projects. These timber wall panels are exceptionally durable, especially with a hard wax finish.

Monterey Pine plywood Maxi Panels can also be used for creating shelving or furniture, as the structure of the material can withstand a considerable amount of weight. It’s also versatile and can be less expensive than birch plywood. Monterey Pine plywood is easier to cut and shape than many other types of plywood, and this type of wood takes colour and finishes exceptionally well.

What Are the Benefits of Using Baltic Birch Plywood Maxi Panel?

There are many benefits to using Baltic Birch Maxi Panel, and it can be easily sized with laser cutting. Both Baltic Birch plywood and Monterey Pine plywood are strong and easy to handle, but Baltic Birch tends to be stronger and longer-lasting.

The all-birch veneer core is cross-banded and laminated with exterior glue, giving it exceptional strength and versatility. These plywood panels are designed to handle heavy loads and high impacts, making them ideal for timber wall panels and timber ceiling panels. Unusual for many types of plywood, Baltic Birch panels are created to be virtually void-free, meaning there are no knots in the sheets. It also creates the cleanest seams, making it an ideal joinery panel.

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